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Please contact us on +371 29696737 or reach us on WhatsApp or use “Ask a question” form on our webpage or write us an e-mail adding Your car data and the automobile parts You would like to buy and get an answer with the price, photo, its availability to order, as well as the link with the discription of the item You have chosen. Along with it you are welcome to order spares also individually on our webpage and we will contact You.

The whole range of automobile parts available You will find on our webpage. They are enclosed in two catalogues. 1st catalogue opens You the range of automobiles parts from our various automotive suppliers. 2nd catalogue represents automobiles parts keeping in POLAR warehouse. Some spares from these cataloges may already be located in our warehouse. The scale of different colours (icon) will tell You about item availability.

For illustrative purposes we have an interactive trailer to watch in YouTube shows the simplicity in using our webpage. Make it easy switching the catalogues, just adding the necessary items in Your shopping cart. Then check out and we will contact You for the further specifications.

Your order delivery supplies are carried out regularly every day or several times in a week depending on order urgency and supplier.

It is possible to deliver Your order with express delivery courier service directly to your address or to Your nearest post office. Delivery’s price is counted according to the size of Your order.

We accept two payment options: paying cash for selected items in our shop or bank transfer to our account. Bank transfer is used in the case of delivery always.

If You haven’t find the needed spare available in our warehouse and its order is requested then after terms of delivery and price agreement, You will have to cover eigher the part of the price or the whole price of selected item by bank transfer or in the shop according to advance account we will send to You.

We offer such automobile details as car optics and vehicle bodies. Namely, optics these are basic headlights, fog lamps, daytime running lights, direction lights, clearance, tail and stop lights, car tuning and additional optics, quartz-halogen bulbs M-tech, HID lamps (high-intensity discharge lamps), LED lamps (Light-emitting diode) . Vehicle body parts to offer: bumpers, repair kit and sills, splashboards, engine protection and plastic wheel arch liners, window regulators, mirror sets, brasses, cap pieces, mirror glasses, tuning, door handles, ignition locks, PDC indicators, heat radiators, carpets, side-window and cowl deflectors NEKO, accumulator units.

Considering our product is non exclusive on the trade market and are represented by numerous contenders, we try to set the lowest price on products we offer. Otherwise contact us on Whatsapp or e-mail, or use “Ask a question” form in our webpage and we will settle this down.

If you have a problem with mobile version of the webpage such as blinking screen, please clear cache of the Internet browser or use the direct link to POLCAR catalogue to see the code of necessary automobile part.

Enter the codes of Your selected items in “Search” box on our webpage, see its price and availability, add to Your shopping cart and make an order.

POLCAR CATALOGUE with its vast range of spares appreciably completes our webpage offerings. From now on the whole range of automobile parts from POLCAR CATALOGUE You will find on available to order online.