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POLCAR catalog - direct link

1. Find the code of the necessary part in the POLCAR catalog.
2. Enter the POLCAR code and find out the price and availability.
3. Place an order.


  • First choose your vehicle brand in POLCAR catalogue, e.g.” AUDI”
  • Automobile model, e.g. “A7(4G), 10-”
  • Block of auto parts including those you needed, for instance “Vechile body spares and ancillary parts”
  • Appropriate pattern from suggested list, let’s say “A7(4G), 10.10-12.14”
  • Category having spare part required, for instance “Mirrors and its parts”
  • Subcategory “Outside mirrors and parts”
  • Name of spare part required, e.g. “Mirror glass, Outside mirror”
  • Item pictures and description, its availability and code, e.g. “13G1554E”, will appear below your chosen spare parts. Click “More details” to read and assure if item you chose meets necessary requirements. Then copy item code “13G1554E” and paste it to our webpage search box, sited above POLCAR catalogue to complete your search. Item price will be shown in your search result. Please, verify that its status is: available to order. You can add it to your basket straightway or ask a specific question about chosen good by clicking “Ask question”.
  • After you have finished adding all necessary goods to the basket both from POLCAR catalogue and from the main catalogue, go to basket and fill in application to order. You will be contacted as soon as possible via phone or email during working hours.